Environmental Protection

As a need to keep up with the times and with the increasingly demanding regulations in the field of environmental protection, an environmental protection management system has been introduced in AD Fabrika šećera TE-TO Senta in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001:2004. Aware of the importance and impact that the environment has on the overall quality of life, our factory is strategically committed to protecting and further improving the quality of the environment, and all employees are expected to actively participate in all of the above processes.

Our company insists on the implementation of all laws, regulations, procedures, instructions and other documents on environmental protection applicable to the activities and job requirements on a specified workplace. Everybody in their own domain shall be responsible for compliance with the requirements relating to environmental protection, due to which they should be well acquainted with the consequences or impacts that the performance of a task can cause to the environment.

We are constantly working on reducing the environmental impact of our factory’s activities. As evidence proving that we are committed to protecting the quality of the environment and its factors we could mention the significant investments that we have realized since 2006. Investments are primarly focused on improving the quality of wastewater, reducing the use of natural resources, as well as on significant progress in energy saving according to the principles of sustainable development, which represent an economic and technological development in line with the need to protect and improve the environment.

By establishing an appropriate system of measurement and monitoring, we control the emission of harmful substances into air, water and soil in order to preserve the current situation and prevent further pollution our factory may cause by its work.