As a part of the supply chain in the company AD Fabrika šećera TE-TO Senta, the Procurement Department is responsible for the material and services procurement processes in the domestic and foreign markets, which are required to ensure an uninterrupted production during the campaign, to carry out repairs and the overall operations of the company.

We perform our duties, from market research and research of relationships with existing and potential business partners to the procurement itself and supplier evaluation, in accordance with the principles of integrated management system of the company, according to the requirements of ISO 9001, 22000 and 14001, HACCP principles, as well as the requirements of SMETA Socail Audit. Imperatives in the work of the Procurement Department are quality and principles of social responsibility, and therefore when choosing cooperation with our business partners, we give an advantage to those who share and who adhere to the same views and principles. With current business partners, we are continually raising the level of quality of products and services, as well as of the companies themselves, followed by mutual cooperation and respect.