Name: AD Fabrika šećera TE-TO Senta

Company Identification Number: 08618526

Tax Identification Number: 101099446

Main business activity: sugar production (1081)

The company operates as a public joint stock company listed on the Belgrade Stock Exchange.

The factory was founded in 1961, and it has been privatized in 2002. The company’s parent company and its majority owner is Finanziaria Saccarifera Italo-Iberica S.p.A. from Italy, based in Cesena.

The factory’s production capacity as well as the business administration are located in the municipality of Senta, which can be found in northern Serbia, in the province of Vojvodina. Senta is located 100 km north of Novi Sad and about 180 km north of Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia.

Company seat: Karađorđeva bb, 24400 Senta, Serbia

  • Technical Department,
  • Commercial Department,
  • Agricultural Department,
  • Procurement Department and
  • Department of Environmental Protection

Administration Building: Zlatne grede 6, Senta

  • General Director,
  • Department of Administrative and General Affairs
  • Department of Informatics

Office: Birčaninova 25, Belgrade


  • White crystal sugar packed to industrial customers (bags of 50 kg and big bags of 1.2 t) and retailers (bags of 1 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg)
  • Powdered sugar in packages of 100 g, 250 g, 500 g
  • Sugar cubes in boxes of 500 g and 1 kg
  • Natural brown sugar in packages of 500 g and brown sugar cubes of 450 g
  • Sugar for jams and marmalades of 500 g

By-products of sugar production:

The sugar factory in Senta was built in 1961 when it also began its first production campaign with a processing capacity of 2,000 tons of sugar beet per day. Continuous modernization and expansion of existing capacity by investing in new equipment have contributed to the fact that today the factory has a maximum capacity of daily sugar beet processing of 8,500 tons per day.

During 2002 the privatization process was carried out through a capital increase. The majority owner of the factory is an Italian company Finanziaria Saccarifera Italo-Iberica A.p.A. based in Cesena.

Following the privatization, new packagings and new categories of sugar products have been introduced to the market, the portfolio of sugar products has been expanded and the marketing approach has been changed. As part of these activities a wide range of products has been offered to the market under the recognizable brand “NOTADOLCE”. We celebrated 10 years of existence of this brand in the domestic market in 2012 through the marketing campaign “10 years with You”.

Special attention is paid to improving the environmental protection and significant resources are allocated for this purpose each year.

Number of permanent employees: 174
Number of permanent employees with a university degree: 24
The number of seasonal workers during the sugar beet processing campaign exceeds 300.

Our company is making continuous efforts to increase the technical competence of its personnel on the basis of policy of continuous improvement of product quality as well as of employing young professionals and engineers. In order to maintain our leading position, great attention is paid to the professional development of employees. Investing in human resources enables our personnel to attend various seminars, conferences, trade fairs and to visit various factories and institutions in our industrial branch.

The experts from the parent company continuously transfer their knowledge and valuable experience to the employees in AD Fabrika šećera TE-TO Senta which is gained through years of practice in sugar production throughout Europe rationalizing procedures, organization and technology of sugar production in order to increase competitiveness in the domestic and European market.

Members of the Board of Directors:

Mario Riciputi
Non-Executive Director

Deak Teodora
Executive Director

Nikola Ljubičić
Non-Executive Director

Goran Živkov
Non-Executive Director

Giovanni Garaffoni
Non-Executive Director

Giorgio Dall’Ara
Non-Executive Director

Vincenzo Morrone
Executive Director

Ivo Pessi
Non-Executive Director

Vincenzo Maria De Rosa
Non-Executive Director

Angelo Castelli
Non-Executive Director

Members of the Audit Commission:

Angelo Castelli
President of the Audit Commission

Giorgio Dall’Ara
Member of the Audit Commission

Boris Košuta
Member of the Audit Commission