The leached sugar beet pulp is produced as a by-product of the technological process of sugar beet processing. Sugar beet pulp is used as animal feed and is primarily used as cattle feed. It is rich in crude fiber, protein, various minerals, amino acids and vitamins.

We offer sugar beet pulp in two forms:

  1. 1. as fresh sugar beet pulp (not dried)
    It is suitable for local costumers and livestock farms, which can use it for immediate feeding or for silage preparation.

  2. 2. as pelleted (dried) pulp
    Dried sugar beet pulp pellets belong to the category of high-quality animal feeds. It is offered in bulk to domestic and foreign buyers loaded into trucks or railcars.

It is suitable as raw material for producers of animal feed.

If fed directly to the animals, it should be soaked in water before use.

It is especially recommended for feeding dairy cows in order to increase milk yield.