Quality Policy

Statement on quality policy, product safety, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility

The main activity of Fabrika šećera TE-TO Senta is production of sugar and sugar products from sugar beet.

Fabrika šećera TE-TO Senta sees itself as one of the leading economic drivers in the region, which builds the image of a modern and innovative company that produces high quality sugar of a recognizable brand with a significant market share, whose name inspires trust in the quality and safety, and whose business is developing taking into account the dynamics of sustainable development demonstrating a high level of social and environmental responsibility, while adhering to modern quality standards.

Our company mission is to produce high quality sugar and other products of the sugar industry under a recognizable and high ranked brand, while providing the best services to our customers and consumers. To this end, we are oriented towards continuous improvement of the quality of our products and work, fulfilling the highest safety requirements of products that we offer to the market.

Quality is our service to customers and consumers, where the best recognition is their trust as a recommendation and proof of our commitment and dedication to work. We are committed to meeting the specific needs and demands of customers, we are active and available in our communication with stakeholders and meeting their expectations.

The complexity of the technological process requires high expertise and extensive knowledge of the process, and all employees are focused on monitoring the performance of processes and their continuous improvement in order to successfully achieve the high requirements of quality standards, product safety and environmental protection. Our permanent trend is to systematically improve the expertise and competence of the employees who are the main resource for the development and continuity of business operations.

We have chosen to harmonize our business with the highest ethical standards which puts us in the line of socially responsible companies. We build our success on the basic principles of social responsibility and ethics, respecting employee rights, guaranteed salaries and the best possible conditions of work and environmental protection. We optimize our existing technologies in order to minimize the impact on the environment, following the effects of all aspects of the environment and raising employee awareness about its protection. We operate within the existing legal regulations relevant to our business, product quality and product safety, environmental protection and safe work of our employees.

The top management encourages all employees to participate in improving the quality and safety of products, environmental protection and creating a healthy, safe and innovative work environment that respects the company values defined in the Code Ethics and Business Conduct, thus providing an appropriate business image. We achieve this by planned, continuous and systematic definition of measurable objectives and programs at the organization level, whose realization is continuously monitored and analyzed, as well as by annual review of the adequacy of policy and implementation of integrated system that must operate in such a way to contribute to the progress of the company and the standards of all employees.

Through monitoring and analyzing the activities of the achievements in the sugar industry, we gain new ideas for further improvement of the integrated system and product placement.

The Statement on quality policy, product safety, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility is available to all employees, business partners and stakeholders and must be enforced consistently.

In Senta, June 5, 2013 General Director
Teodora Deak

Quality Policy of the company can be downloaded by clicking the following link: