Kamion Actual sales of a company are one of the key indicators of its success. Sales of sugar in our company have been shown permanent growth since the privatization period. Sales are realized through developed distribution channels that include the largest retail chains and wholesalers in the domestic market, whose network keeps growing and increasing the number of stores throughout Serbia, which consequently contributes to a wider placement of our product range. In addition to retail chains and wholesalers, the major producers in the food industry in Serbia are also among our customers.

Significant sales are realized in foreign markets, namely in the European Union and in CEFTA countries.

Our product range includes: white sugar, natural brown sugar, powdered sugar, molasses, pelleted and shredded dried sugar beet pulp.

White sugar, natural brown sugar and powdered sugar are packaged under the brand name “Notadolce”.

Industrial sugar is packaged in bags of 50 kg and 1,200 kg.